Sharpens Dull Knives
In Seconds!

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Features & Benefits

  • Independent spring action arms make knives razor sharp in seconds
  • Perfect for smooth or serrated knives
  • Made of ultra tough Tungsten Carbide that flexes and contours to any blade or angle
  • No more dull or damaged blades
  • Comes with a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

Bring Any Knife Back to Life!

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Sharpens Serrated Knives

Unlike standard sharpeners,
Bavarian Edge™ sharpens
serrated knives.

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Spring Action Arms

Bavarian Edge™'s spring action arms allow you to sharpen different knives at different angles.

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Sturdy, Sleek Design

Bavarian Edge™ has a contemporary design and stores easily in a cabinet or drawer.

See how it can sharpen a credit card
See how it easily cuts through a shoe
Sharpens dull and damaged blades in seconds!
See how well it works

The Secret is...

the two independent spring-action sharpeners made of ultra-hard Tungsten Carbide that flexes and contours to any blade or angle for the perfect, razor sharp edge in an instant! And only Bavarian Edge™ can sharpen serrated knives.

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